About Us

The Friends of Enchanted Rock (FOER) is a volunteer based, non-profit organization committed to the preservation, protection and improvement of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.  Our mission is to work in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife to maintain and protect the natural beauty of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area for future generations to enjoy.

The Friends of Enchanted Rock began in the late 1990's as a labor of love, evolving from the efforts of many dedicated individuals (mostly climbers) with the desire to preserve Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Their initial preservation/conservation efforts included the Enchanted Rock Trail Project that started with funds from the Granite Gripper Climbing Competition. With the park's conservation in mind, they began to secure grants and funds from various sources, including the American Alpine Club, the Access Fund, Central Texas Climbing Committee, Alamo City Climbing Club, Central Texas Mountaineers, and Texas Parks & Wildlife. The Friends of Enchanted Rock is the first and only official support group dedicated to the conservation and protection of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Through the sustained effort of our dedicated board members, past and present, and the generous help from many talented folks, Enchanted Rock has benefited from:

  • improved hiking trails that are regularly maintained
  • improved camp site facilities
  • improved bathroom facilities
  • enhanced interpretive exhibits, programs and facilities
  • available rescue equipment for park staff, and
  • dozens of new trees in campgrounds and other high traffic areas

The Friends of Enchanted Rock continues to work with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in a cooperative relationship that helps them carry out their goals. We depend on the energetic input from people who care deeply about the park and who support us by joining, donating, volunteering, or purchasing our concessions. We appreciate your continued support.

Please consider becoming a Friend today. Your membership supports our efforts to preserve Enchanted Rock State Natural Area's unique natural resources as all donated funds are used for park improvement and educational efforts..

What we have been doing:

Enchanted Rock Appreciation Day! May 24, 2014
Fredericksburg Middle School 6th graders show their projects about Enchanted Rock along the summit trail.  These kids rocked!


January 19th,  February 16th,  March 16th,  April 20th,  May 18th,  June 15th,
July 20th, August 17th,  September 21,  October 19th,  November 16th,
December 21st
We are always looking for opportunities to enrich the Enchanted Rock experience for our visitors. If you know of a great guide, speaker or topic that would help us bring the natural wonders of the park alive for others, please let us know. Email foer@swbell.net.