Saturday, February 22, 2014


Are there bobcats at Enchanted Rock? 

Dr. Kent Rylander says there are, and he wants to know more about them.  He is putting together a study which he hopes will involve Texas Parks and Wildlife and students at Fredericksburg High School.  Kent presented the concepts to Bob Guthrie's FHS AP Biology class this week.  He envisions the initial phase will involve placing game cameras around E Rock.  Students will download photos twice a week to see what the cameras have recorded.  When they know more about where the cats are, they will trap and collar a few of the crepuscular animals.  The collars will allow the researchers to track the movements of the bobcats with a computer (and a smart phone?).  The project is still in the planning stage and has not yet been approved by TPWD or funded.  In the next post I will explain why biologists want to know this stuff.

Does this sound like fun or what?