Saturday, May 23, 2015

E Rock Express Shuttle Service

Majesty Wine Tours, in concert with the Friends of Enchanted Rock, run a shuttle service from Fredericksburg to the Park.  This service is only offered on Saturdays and other peak days.  The shuttle may not run in the event of inclement weather, as both the visitation and the need for the service are diminished, so call 830-456-3231 for the latest information or to schedule the shuttle for your trip on days it is not running.  Charge for the round trip is $10 per adult and $5 per child/12 under.  Shuttle departs Fredericksburg (call for departure point) hourly from 9 - 3.  On days when the Park reaches peak visitation, you may find the Park closed to new autos, or there may be a line on the highway with an hour long wait for entrance.  Skip the line and get in even if the park is closed!  Note- the Shuttle fee does not include entrance into the Park.

E Rock Express   830-456-3231  or on Facebook.

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