Friday, September 12, 2014

Camp out 250 nights a year?

Nick and Courtney in Fredericksburg, TX

Subaru/Leave No Trace Travelling Trainers Nick and Courtney are spending this week at E Rock teaching us how to Love  The Rock more gently.  They have been visiting with students at Fredericksburg Middle School and High School, with the staff at E Rock, and Saturday-Sunday its our turn.

Nick and Courtney met in Michigan while rock climbing.  After college, she worked in a nature center and he worked for the Michigan Dept of Natural Resources.  When the Leave No Trace position opened up in the spring, they jumped on it.  They live in the Subaru, and are someplace different at least once a week, from Yellowstone to Salt Lake to Lake Tahoe to San Francisco to San Bernadino To Ely (NV), and their next stop is Sedona. And yes, they do camp out 250 nights a year.  They teach kids with hands on demonstrations, skits, and other age appropriate ways.  What is age-appropriate for older people?  Gentle demonstrations of how to do it right, the science behind the concepts, how-to-demos on bringing others along with the LNT philosophy.

Is this your dream job?  There are currently three LNT teams on the road.  Like that Subaru?  Join LNT, wait six months, and then get a huge discount on a new Subaru.  

Come to E Rock this weekend, take part in some of the fun, and leave with a hang-tag to keep you on track.  I'm thinking that, with all this good stuff going on, there won't be any more trash on our trails.  See the schedule of events on a prior blog post.

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