Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's going on here?

Lizard Dreaming Yoga in Fredericksburg is one of the business sponsors of the Friends.
FOER:  How did you end up teaching yoga in Fredericksburg?

Patty:  I was born in Texas but grew up overseas (Tanzania, East Africa) and so have always been a nature-lover. When I first came to Fredericksburg eighteen years ago, I was guiding kayaking trips on the Llano and Guadalupe rivers and also doing personal training. I was sort of coerced into teaching yoga, ha ha! Though I'd practiced it for years, it was a very personal thing and I wasn't inclined to be a teacher. The facility where I was training begged me to teach a class, so I got certified and taught once a week and had five students. I found it absolutely fed my soul to share something I am so passionate about. Fast forward to today where there are over four hundred people coming through Lizard Dreaming Yoga and I have a wait list for private sessions.

FOER:  Why did you open a studio of your own?

Patty:  Lizard Dreaming Yoga came about as a result of my frustration with the failures of the businesses where I taught classes.   I actually have a B.B.A. in Marketing and decided if I wanted things done right I'd have to do them myself. We are now a thriving yoga studio on Main Street with nine teachers offering over 20 classes a week.

FOER:  Where did the name come from?

Patty:  The name Lizard Dreaming Yoga came about as a result of my Native American Heritage (I am just under half). In Native American lore Lizard represents the dream time. What Lizard dreams comes into being. He symbolizes manifestation, transformation and regrowth. He is one of my spirit guides and the name of the studio honors that. I've always wanted a place that is good for the community and all people, and my studio is the manifestation of that wish.

FOER:  Why did you choose to be a business sponsor of the Friends?

I chose to be a business sponsor of Friends of Enchanted Rock because I am always happiest when outside in Nature and feel the world needs more people to care for it. Yogis (people who practice yoga) traditionally practice "seva" which means selfless service in Sanskrit. I wanted to offer my group of students and instructors the opportunity to volunteer and help preserve an incredible natural area and reap the benefits of doing good for the community and the planet.

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