Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Potlatch or Potluck?

Klallum People of Port Townsend at Potlatch (Wikimedia)

You have probably heard of the tradition of potlatch by natives of the Pacific Northwest, at which people gathered to share food and exchange gifts.  Did you know that for many years this was illegal in Canada?  According to Wikipedia, government agents who considered it "a worse than useless custom" that was seen as wasteful, unproductive, and contrary to civilized values."  The potluck tradition in western culture goes back at least to the 1600's, "food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot." (Wikipedia)

This Sunday, June 15th, the Friends of Enchanted Rock are holding a sort of potlatch and a potluck rolled together - we are hoping you will bring gifts to share with the State Natural Area via the Friends, along with a side dish, and if you RSVP, you won't be an unexpected guest. 

Noon to Five on the 15th of June, Group Pavillion.

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