Tuesday, November 26, 2013

                                          The Milky Way Galaxy (National Geographic)

Enchanted Rock Superintendent Doug Cochran is vying for E Rock to be the darkest of the Texas State Park System.  Apparently, Big Bend Ranch will win that coveted moniker, but we at the Friends appreciate his commitment to keeping the sky dark and the stars bright.  Some of the Friends are also presenting an outdoor lighting ordinance to the city council of Fredericksburg on January 20th.  Want a short course in good outdoor lighting?

1:  Don't leave lights on unless they are really needed.
2.  Don't shine lights up into the sky, even at the horizon.
3.  Don't let your light fall off of your property.
4.  Don't shine lights in people's faces.

People and animals need dark just like we need light.  Look at your lights - many people are unwittingly shining bright lights into other people's windows.  For more information, visit www.darksky.org  A  video under two minutes about this is here.

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