Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top Ten Reasons For You To Be At E-Rock Saturday

The Top Ten reasons for you to be at The Rock on Saturday:

10.  You will find out lots of stuff you don't know about The Rock.
  9.  You will be able to ask Park Staff those burning questions you have had for years.
  8.  You will be treated to great Snacks provided by Friends of Enchanted Rock.
  7.  You will get in the Park free.
  6.  You will be part of an elite group of trash picker-uppers.
  5.  You will be able to name drop, "I was talking to Melissa the other day, you know she runs the Friends..."
  4.  You will find a volunteer activity for yourself which will energize and excite you.
  3.  You will enjoy a fabulous weather day at Texans favorite place.
  2.  You will be hanging out with the coolest people in Texas.
  1.  You will BE one of those cool people.

9-12 this Saturday at the Group Pavillion.

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