Friday, September 13, 2013

Good Stuff Happening in the Texas Hill Country!

Golden Cheeked Warbler

"Famous, or infamous?"  (from the movie Young Frankenstein). The protection of this hill country resident caused a lot of emotional confrontations a few years ago.  The bigger picture is that the place we love so much - the Texas Hill Country - is being gobbled up by development.  The Hill Country Land Trust is devoted to keeping large pieces of this land intact for future generations to enjoy as we have.

If you approach Enchanted Rock from the south on RR 965, you will see this sign on the land adjacent to the Park.  This is a recent conservation easement established by August Faltin with the help of the Hill Country Land Trust.  Thank you, August!  This property could have become a condominium development, one of the fates E Rock could have met before the Nature Conservancy and the State of Texas purchased the land.

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