Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Towering Inferno

 This is what you are thinking - not a good time to visit The Rock.

 Everyone else has the same idea!

So there is no one there but you (almost).  Here is advice from a frequent visitor:

1.  Dress appropriately.  Keep your shirt on, use sunscreen, wear a hat.
2.  Bring 3 times the fluids you would normally take on a hike, and drain one of those bottles every 30 minutes.  I also bring a snack.
3.  Take your time.  Stop for a rest in the shade.  While you are resting, appreciate the silence.
4.  Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit.
5.  Look for interesting animals.  I have had some closeup views of foxes, active just before sunset.
6.  E Rock is perennially short of water.  Bring your own!
7.  No one reading this blog would litter, but whenever you find trash on the trails, pick it up!

E Rock is a very popular place - visit when there are fewer people for a genuinely different experience.

Any Questions?

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